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Mercedes SLR 722s (by thomas heurtin)

I just seen this on my dash omg xo-latina
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its a proven fact that if you go “woosh woosh” while running you go faster


not with that attitude

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"I get jealous of everybody who’s with you when I’m not with you."
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when i was in like 6th grade this girl on my bus said she had a secret to tell me and she took a deep breath and she was like “im bisexual” and i was just like okay and then she started crying and hugged me because she was afraid nobody would accept her but i really just didnt know what bisexual meant

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The worst person alive

I love me


My grandfather once fought with his neighbor who also happens to be one of his good friends. They both went to sleep that night angry but my grandfather got up in the middle of the night, went to his house, apologized. He said “If, God forbid, we don’t wake up tomorrow, we don’t want this to be the last thing we remember each other by.” 

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